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Finishing Touches At The Entrance Of A Modern Duplex

Front Porch Makeover Design

It must be exciting to get such a warm welcome everyday even in our own house. Your house entrance needs special features to give a warm welcome to whoever comes to your house. We have some solutions of front porch makeover design. A path to your entrance door is the … Read More →

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Modern Home Playroom Bike Rack

Cool Bike Storage System for Your Interior

Generally most families whether they are big or small, they have bikes. Yet, most of they do not have the storage system for their bike. They just leave if messily after using it. When you experience this, makeover your mind to create creative design by adding bike storage in your … Read More →

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Lemon Yellow Details In A Modern Bathroom

5 Coolest Paint Colors for 2014

The change of the year can be meant as change of trend. And, in 2014 the most surprising change is design of a house. The visible one is the color choice. Warm and natural colors add warmth of your home atmosphere in this year. Do you plan to change your … Read More →

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Mid Century Modern Bedroom

17 Vintage Design Ideas for Modern Bedroom

Trend of decorating a house always changes annually, but it does not always bring new touch. The unique style is usually still adopted to create vintage look. This year trend of designing a house will be back to the past decades. It is especially applied in bedroom. Now, we will … Read More →

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Eames Chair Kilim Rug

Inviting Look of The Killim Rugs

The killim rugs have been hit today in decoration world. But still, there are thousands people do not know what killim rug are. Killim rugs are flat-weave rugs which come from Turkish style. It does not mean turkey is the only country which produces these rugs. Several nations in the … Read More →

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Boys Game Room White

Cool Teen Hangout and Lounge for Your Lovely Kids

Time passes so quickly and now they are teenagers. Yes, our cute babies have been teenager. It is true that they are still stay the same, cute and lovable. But, the way to indulge them is totally different. It happens in the decorating their playroom. It is more correct if … Read More →

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Candy Jar Filled With Laundry Detergent

17 Laundry Room Shelving Ideas

It seems that you need an additional room in your house. It is for managing your dirty clothes, laundry room. It does not need a big space to have it. Or have you already had that kind of room? Let just decorate it by adding laundry room shelving. The first … Read More →